10 Unique Neon Sign Ideas for Weddings and Events

Weddings and events are special occasions that necessitate one-of-a-kind and creative decorations. Neon signs have grown in popularity in recent years as a fashionable and eye-catching addition to any event space. Here are 10 unique neon sign ideas to consider if you want to add a romantic touch to your wedding or add some flair to your next party:

Customized Name Plaque

A personalised name neon sign is an excellent way to make a statement while also highlighting the names of the couple or the event. It's a timeless option that adds a unique touch to any wedding or event. The sign can be customised to match the event's theme or the couple's preferences, such as font style and colour.

Welcome Message

A neon welcome sign is a great way to welcome guests and set the tone for the event. It can be placed near the entrance or on a prominent wall. You can display a simple "welcome" message or get creative by incorporating the event's theme or the personalities of the couple.

Sign with a Love Quote

A neon "I love you" sign is a popular wedding decoration, adding a romantic and sentimental touch to the occasion. The quote can be something personal to the couple, such as lyrics from a favourite song or a line from their wedding vows. The sign can be used as a backdrop for photos or displayed at the altar.

Sign for a Photo Booth

A neon photo booth sign is a great way to add a fun element to the event. To encourage guests to take photos, include phrases like "strike a pose" or "say cheese" on the sign. It can also be personalised with the couple's names and the event theme.

Hashtag Symbol

A neon hashtag sign is ideal for encouraging guests to share their photos on social media. The hashtag for the event can be displayed on the sign, which can be placed near the photo booth or in a designated social media area. It's an excellent way to engage guests in the event and share memories with others.

Signage for a Bar

A neon bar sign is an excellent addition to any event with a bar or cocktail area. The sign can be personalised to reflect the type of drinks served or the couple's favourite cocktail. It's an excellent way to inject some personality and style into the bar area.

Signage for the Dance Floor

A neon dance floor sign is a fun way to encourage guests to get up and dance. It may contain phrases such as "let's dance" or "get your groove on." The sign can also be personalised with the event theme or the names of the couple.

Dessert Table Label

A dessert table neon sign is a fun addition to any event. The sign could say "sweets for my sweet" or "dessert is served." It's a fun and creative way to spice up the dessert table.

Ceremony Marker

A neon sign for the ceremony is a one-of-a-kind way to personalise the occasion. The sign could say "till death do us part" or "happily ever after." It can be placed near the seating area or at the altar to set the tone for the ceremony.

Thank You Note

At the end of the event, a neon thank you sign is a great way to express gratitude to guests. It can be displayed near the exit or in a thank you area. The sign could say something like "thank you for coming" or "we appreciate you."

Finally, neon signs are a great way to add some personality, creativity, and style to weddings and events. There are numerous unique options to consider, ranging from personalised name signs to thank-you signs. Neon signs can be customised to match your event's theme and style, whether you want to add a romantic touch or a fun element. They can also be a great way to provide guests with memorable photo opportunities. Consider incorporating one or more of these creative neon sign ideas into your next wedding or event for a trendy and eye-catching decoration that will be remembered.